I Am Enough

This week’s Colour Me Positive theme was “Enough”.  Immediately the word “enough” made me think of all of the things I am sick to the back teeth of whether personal or global in scope.  However, I like to keep my arting positive because it helps me decompress from life’s stresses rather than it being a visual catalogue of those stresses and frustrations.  I, therefore, decided to take the sentiment intended – that each of us is enough – and work with that in my art journal.

I did not have a precise idea in my head so I made a messy, painty background using those vivid Dylusions paints while my thoughts evolved.  What emerged was a combination of some of my default techniques and forms – people as matyroshka dolls, negative shapes, ink over acrylic – and a little character who represented me, not dissimilar from another recent “selfie” page.  I like that the background shows through the ink in a way that suggests a night sky.  That was a surprising act of serendipity.

Week 25 - I am Enough