Season’s Greetings!

From my household to yours, we wish you Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and best wishes of the festive season to all. I hope you all have a wonderful time and have the opportunity to eat, drink, and make merry spending quality time with the special people in your lives.

I did not send holiday cards this year for a variety of reasons. Instead, I donated what I would have spent on cards and postage to the DNA Doe Project. I did, however, take the traditional “look how much they’ve grown” photo of our sons and the cats to share with family and friends near and far.

2021-12-24 12.03.55

2020 was rough; 2021 was worse. We are very glad to be bidding farewell to 2021 but – I am sure like many folk – are trepidatious about the New Year. Maybe 2022 will undersell and overdeliver – in a good way – but only time can tell.

I will sign off with an outtake from our photoshoot.

2021-12-24 12.03.29

Happy Holidays!

2020-11-08 12.25.17-1

I apologise for my absence during this last couple of months of 2020. Life is busy – as always – but not with anything that generates blog fodder. Nobody is clamouring to read about or see photos of me cooking and baking in my jammies, going for a donder around my neighborhood, or being tucked up on a sofa watching a movie. Now that the weather is colder and the pandemic is even worse than it has been, we Picts are in hibernation mode.

It is also the case that I am very burned out. In-person teaching during a pandemic is fatiguing on every level. Throw in supervising my own kids’ doing virtual learning on top of that and all of the usual business of daily family life and I am exhausted to my bones and crawling to the finish line of this year.

It seems ludicrous to state this during a year of “social distancing” but, now that I am on winter break, I am looking forward to a solid chunk of time in which I don’t have to deal with people. I need to not hear my voice say the word “mask” and I need a break from all the constant cleaning and sanitizing – and my skin really needs that break too.

So I am hoping to use this winter break to recharge my batteries and replenish myself through quality family time, lots of relaxation, and hopefully some art time – because my creative mojo has temporarily gone walkabout.

And so, as I sign off for now, I wish you all a wonderful festive season, happy celebrations to those who observe Christmas, and a safe and healthy new year.

2020-11-26 11.28.08-1