Negative and Positive Figure

Last week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Donna Downey.  It was all about being playful with colours and mark making, and layering with paints and shapes, to create a colourful and abstract piece.  I managed to keep my control freakery in check and let my inner child go wild with colour but I maybe got a bit carried away and the result was a tad messy.  I also struggle with creating abstract art because I get too stuck in my head and end up with strong visual ideas that lend themselves to more representational or figurative art.  That was precisely what happened with this piece too.  I, therefore, just went with it and produced a more whimsical female figure whose form contains the shapes of a whale’s tail, leaves, and a heart while the space around her head contains two birds.  I always enjoy painting negative spaces so that the background becomes the positive image so that was the element of this lesson that really appealed to me and made me feel relaxed.

Week 50 - Colourful Abstractions

Colourful and Expressive Portrait

Last week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Pauline Agnew.  This was actually the second lesson with Agnew as the tutor.  The first lesson was about creating intuitive, colourful flowers and my effort was so wretched that I opted to not share it on the blog – and you know, therefore, that it must have been lamentable since I share all of my art work from courses, good, bad, and ugly.  This lesson was my opportunity to redeem myself and actually create something decent in response to one of Agnew’s lessons.

The objective of the lesson was to create a bold, colourful, randomly abstract background and then draw over the top of it, modelling the drawing on something by one of the Old Masters.  I actually used a fin de siecle drawing by Félix Bracquemond.  The simplicity of the approach really appealed to me.  I used too dark a colour in the centre of my paper which means that some of my drawing really gets lost through lack of contrast but otherwise I am pretty please with how this piece turned out.  This is a technique – quick and easy – that I can envisage using again with my own drawings.

Week 20 - Colourful Expressive Portrait