Five Layered Monstrosities

More layering again with The Documented Life Project this week.  This time the prompt was to use five layers.  The prompts have had me practicing layering for weeks now so I was a bit at a loss as to what to do this time.  However, my 7 year old son and I have been wanting to try creating a figure from collaged bits and pieces so we decided that would be the focus of our pages.  I also wanted to teach my son a bit more about utilising complementary colours.  We talked a bit about the colour wheel and I explained that I was going to try creating a background with yellow and purple.  My son decided to use black and white.  And then some grey too for good measure.  Even though none of those is really a colour.  Wee rebel.

We built up our background layers in our journals, working together in the same way.  The first layer was ripped book pages collaged into our art journals; layer two was paint scraped across the surface of the collaged text; the third layer was stencilling; and the fourth layer was paint splatter and drips.  The final layer was the figure collage.  We used scraps of gelli print, washi tape and magazine pages.  My 7 year old decided to make his figure look like a funny monster whereas my figure was just monstrous but in a fun way.  My son was thrilled to be allowed to use Mummy’s special paint pens to add the finishing details.  I wrote “Give yourself a high five” on my page to remind me that the prompt had been to use five layers and also because we had tried something new.  Go us!

This is my son’s collage monster on his monochrome background:

Week 9 - 5 Layers - ETDP

And this is my funny faced figure on my yellow and purple background:

Week 9 - 5 Layers

Making our collage figures was a total hoot.  I think we will definitely create them again and take a bit more time over them so as to build in more variety and more details.