We have Library Cards

Today I took my littlest son to the district library to sign up for library cards for myself and all four kiddliwinks.  We have been in the US for a week, all of our possessions – including our hundreds of books – are in a shipping container, and it was time to access some books beyond those stored on our kindles.

The library was amazing.  Granted we have moved from a fairly remote and rural area of Scotland so the library there was on an appropriately small scale, but this new library could have swallowed eight, maybe ten of our old libraries.  It also had a lovely atmosphere (though our old library did too) and everyone was very helpful and welcoming and friendly, which always helps.  My youngest son was spoiled for choice with picture books in the kids’ section and didn’t really know how to select books to borrow as a result.  We grabbed some Halloween ones.

In addition to a vast selection of books, the library also stocks CDs, audiobooks, DVDs, ebooks, video games and DVDs and a whole shelf filled with graphic novels that my second son will go nuts for.  They also run lots of clubs and events that we will aim to get involved in.

I always feel at home in a library and I definitely feel more settled here having a library card.  One small step closer to feeling at home.