Rainbow Art Journal – Bride of Frankenstein

This is another one of those pre-pandemic “vintage” pages in my art journal. I produced this illustration while chatting with other local artists at a meet up in a coffee shop. Feels like a different time. Anyway, I had this page that was just covered in leftover white acrylic paint and all I had with me were my travel art supplies so I pulled out a black Inktense pencil and set to work drawing something. One of the things I find beneficial about my art time is that it is just me and the paper and the materials and no other distractions. It is very calming in that way. Conversing with other people while trying to create, therefore, is a challenge for me as I get distracted. One of my solutions is to draw something so familiar to me that I really don’t have to give the illustration that much of my focus. Classic movie monsters being one of my go tos, the Bride of Frankenstein was the subject for his particular day. It’s very simple but sometimes that is what is called for.

101 - Bride of Frankenstein

Inktober 2016 – #13 Bride of Frankenstein

I went off prompt for my Inktober drawing today.  I just felt in the mood to draw the Bride of Frankenstein and so I did.  My drawing may not be an accurate portrait of Elsa Lanchester but hers was the portrayal I was aiming to capture in my drawing.  I drew this while having my morning cup of tea before the sun was even up so I kept it pretty simple.  The fountain pen mark-making in the hair is very scratchy and rough but that’s OK because she’s a monster resurrected from body parts and I am pretty sure mouldering corpses don’t have the smoothest, best conditioned hair.

13 Inktober 2016 - Bride of Frankenstein