Rainbow Art Journal – Nebula

There are so many layers of watercolour on this page. I usually only work in two or three layers so this was a real exercise in patience for me as I waited for each saturated layer to (slowly) dry. The idea was to depict a figure floating inside a nebula. Is that even scientifically possible? No idea! I didn’t bother consulting my astronomy nerd husband because accuracy doesn’t bother me. The spacesuit would possibly set someone’s teeth on edge too as I cobbled it together from various references to spacesuits from different countries and different eras and then simplified the forms.

75 - Nebula

The Stars Look Very Different Today

This week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was to include song lyrics or the title of a song in the art journal page.  You may recall that I enjoy vague prompts that allow my imagination to wander off in all sorts of directions but with music I did not know where to start.  We listen to a lot of music as a family and have very eclectic tastes.  When doing chores, I have music playing so I can karaoke my way through the house and I also always play music when I am at my art table drawing or painting.  I, therefore, could have chosen any number of songs as the inspiration for my page this week.

I thought about springboarding from the last piece of music I had listened to before reading the prompt.  That was Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens which had massive potential as a subject for illustration (and, in fact, I had illustrated it when I was in High School) but I knew I did not have the free time available this week to take on something with that degree of detail.  The last album I listened to in its entirety was Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ so I pondered that for a bit.  Meanwhile I asked my kids for suggestions since they are always a great resource for inspiration.  Elvis, Prince, The Beatles, The Beastie Boys, Elton John, The White Stripes and Frank Sinatra all featured in their suggestions but one idea immediately gave me a strong visual: Space Oddity.  As soon as my 10 year old said it, I knew that was going to be the song I depicted on my journal page, perhaps because David Bowie was always so strongly and uniquely visual.

I kept my illustration simple partly out of choice – I do love just plain old pen and ink – and partly out of necessity – my old nemesis, time.  It depicts David Bowie (I hope that is clear even though I am not a good portraitist) floating through space in spacesuit, untethered but calm. I obviously did not use any reference images in creating the spacesuit.  It is definitely more ‘Lost in Space’ than NASA, that’s for sure.  I swithered over including either the song title or the lyric “the stars look very different today” in the illustration but decided against it because a) my calligraphy is not the best and b) I could not work out the placement for the words in the composition.  I hope the song reference is clear without the words.

5 - David Bowie - Space Oddity - Art Journal Page

A Sense of Wonder

This week’s Colour Me Positive theme was all about Wonder.  The supporting quotation was one Plato attributed to Socrates: “Wisdom beings in Wonder”.  I really engage with that idea, that knowledge and wisdom emerges from the exploration, diligent learning, and experience that is driven by wonder, inquisitiveness and curiosity, the need to search for answers.  As a bookish nerd, that really speaks to me.  An additional prompt suggested adding bubbles to the page somewhere.

I was at my monthly art journalling meet up group on Sunday and decided to work on my prompt page.  I have no idea why the idea popped into my head but I do know I was feeling in an illustrative mood so I sketched out this little figure of a child floating in space, awed and amazed and in wonderment at the universe.  I hope the facial expression suggests wonder.  The helmet can be a nod to the bubble prompt.  As I was in a coffee shop and had my limited travel art supplies with me, this was drawn with micron pens and watercolour pencils which I activated with water once I was home.

Dare I say it myself but I think this is a pretty charming little illustration and I am really rather pleased with how it turned out.

20 - Wonder - Art Journal Page 1

20 - Wonder - Art Journal Page 2