40 Drawings in 40 Days – #7 – Jason

My kids actually stated that I was to draw Jason and the Argonauts.  Eh….No.  It would take me at least a week to produce a drawing of a whole crew of Greek heroes and I am rubbish at drawing boats.  Not happening.  So I ignored their brief and decided to draw just Jason on his own.

Jason was the hero who led a bunch of other heroes on a quest to the island of Colchis to obtain the Golden Fleece.  They travelled on the ship ‘Argo’, hence the moniker Argonauts.  It was a vessel heady with testosterone.  And probably body hair.  The expedition involved encounters with six-armed giants, voracious women, clashing rocks and harpies until finally they reached Colchis.  That was not the end of Jason’s tribulations, however.  On Colchis (modern day Georgia) he had to plough a field with fire-breathing oxen, battle soldiers who grew from dragon’s teeth and then kill the dragon that was guarding the Golden Fleece.  There were then more travails after the fleece was secured but, let’s face it, the crux of Jason’s story is the whole Golden Fleece shebang.

The Golden Fleece, therefore, was the key element that would signify that my drawing depicted Jason.  Sadly, in my sketch, this all powerful sheep hide looked more like a deflated Shaun the Sheep.  An ovine version of Davy Crockett’s raccoon bonnet.  Not very rugged or heroic looking.

I was thinking about the old ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ movie and all those classic “sword and sandals” movies as I drew Jason and I think that informed my decision to give him a pretty 1960s beard and a manly chin-bum.  Still that Golden Fleece was giving me trouble.  I increased the scale of it to make it look less like a woolly cap but there was definitely still more than a little Shaun the Sheep going on with the head.  The whole thing was starting to resemble a Judge’s wig.  I ploughed on.  The gold ink gave me hassle again but I enjoyed creating all the swirling patterns to represent the fleece.  At least my comedy sheep was very much golden.

2014-09-07 08.53.15



2014-09-07 08.53.24


Dead Sheep Bunnet

PS  Apologies for the shadow casting across the finished drawing.  The photo was taken late at night with my phone.