Bespectacled Angel

I managed to scrape together some time in which to tackle last week’s Life Book lesson.  I did, as I often do, skip some steps and take some short cuts but I did follow the essence of the lesson.  The lesson was taken by Ivy Newport whose encaustic artwork has impressed me for quite some time.  This particular lesson functioned for me as an introduction to encaustic art but – as eager as I am to give that technique a try some time – there was absolutely no way I was going to eke out the time and organise the resources to incorporate that layer.  Some time I will have to give it a whirl but that time is not now.

The idea of the lesson was to fuse a self-portrait with the figure of an angel and it was also another opportunity to try paint over collage.  I find sometimes painting over collage works well for me and other times it really doesn’t.  I have to get better at observing why my process goes one way or another.  As it happens, this one fell somewhere in the middle – I didn’t get any annoying bubbles or ridges in the wrong places but I wish I had fewer straight edges among the collaged papers and instead had rougher torn edges.  I have not worked in pink or orange for a while so I challenged myself to use those colours.  I also challenged myself to keep the spectacles in the self-portait instead of cheating and depicting me in a way I only look when sleeping or showering.  When my husband came home and saw this piece on the easel, he congratulated me on the strong likeness I had achieved in my self-portrait.  I had to laugh.  Of course it is a good likeness: I painted over a photograph of me.

Week 39 - Be Your Own Angel 1

Week 39 - Be Your Own Angel 2

Art Angel

This week we were gifted a bonus lesson on Life Book in order to give us some additional practice with drawing and painting faces.  The lesson was taken by Tamara Laporte and we were guided through the process of creating an Artist Guardian Angel.  I used Neocolor II crayons and acrylic paint and I think I reached for blues and greens because I am looking forward to the advent of Spring.  It was interesting to compare the angel I created with the mermaids I created a few weeks ago.  Used to working with more liquid media and gradually building up tones with glazes or being able to blend the media on the page while it was all still wet, I was struggling with acrylic paint as it was drying before I could properly blend.  I am gradually figuring out how to work the acrylic paint and am getting more efficient and quicker at painting with it too.  As you can see, I definitely still have lots of room for continued improvement but I am pleased to see the strides I have taken already.  Life Book was definitely a good investment for me.

Week 11 - Bonus - Art Angel