Wolf and Snake

I have been sick for over a week now. I am negative for all the big ticket items. I just have several lower level viruses combining into an overall debilitating grot. The doctor was befuddled by how I had fallen prey to so many bugs at once until he learned I was a preschool teacher. Apart from Covid – when I was asymptomatic – I have not been sick at all since 2019 so it is also fair to say that my immune system is weedy and pathetic and really has not rallied the defences at all. It’s an incredibly busy and demanding time of year so being sick right now is also a source of stress and frustration. Overall, I am feeling pretty miserable.

All of which preamble is to explain why I yet again turned to a Draw This In Your Style challenge for my art time. Free time is pretty paltry right now, as I am sure it is for most folks, so it was convenient for that reason as well as the fact that I am just feeling pretty cruddy. I opted for a challenge set by Inknes due to its very simple colour palette and because I liked the mythological and heraldic vibe to her original. I have found that I really like drawing weirdo wolves. I like drawing the body shapes and also all of the linework for the hair. I enjoyed working on this piece and it was a welcome distraction from feeling sorry for myself and my rubbish immune system.

Wolf & Snake - DTIYS 2

22 thoughts on “Wolf and Snake

  1. What ever it is it has put down a friend of mine and her husband for over two weeks now. Just to flu but awful. As to your drawing of course it is good work but wouldn’t something a little happier make you feel better?

    • That is an interesting thought. The process of creating something, anything, is what makes me happy so the subject is somewhat irrelevant in that process. I do have plans for a series of drawings in the new year that should be much more cheerful, however.

      I am sorry about your friends. Flu season has been rough this year. I know a few people who have had a really hard time with flu. I have also had students with RSV and Covid numbers are going back up again. I am, therefore, thankful I just have random viruses and nothing more serious.

  2. Oh I am SO sorry to hear you’ve been sick!! All of both mine and Judy’s wishes for a speedy recovery!! Knowing that you didn’t feel well makes your drawing all the more remarkable. Gentle hugs and healing to you. ❤❤

    • Thank you. I am on the road to recovery now. It was a domino effect of several opportunistic viruses battering down my defences all at once. Despite my constant cleaning and sanitizing, my classroom is pretty much a petri dish right now so I am actually thankful I don’t have anything worse. I cannot wait for Winter break though!

  3. I feel you, Laura. I spent the last 5 days sick as well. None of the big ticket items either. It seems like it’s harder to shake off as you age. Then you take a million things and none of them helps. But drawing helps!

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