Rainbow Art Journal – Pink Explosion

I think you can probably tell that I love vintage photos and old movies from the way I “style” the figures I draw. It is not a conscious choice on my part but I think those influences come through nevertheless. I wanted to try and draw a figure with a bit of a twist in the pose. It took me a while to get that curve to the body right and then I could not get the arms quite right. My solution was to put big puffy sleeves on the arms and to tuck one arm behind the body. Now I am wondering, however, if the arm on the right looks like it is missing its lower portion. I thought it would be fun to “explode” the form to create shapes and make it a bit more visually interesting. I don’t often use the Daniel Smith Opera Pink, even though I love it, because it is such an attention-grabbing colour that it can be difficult to use it among other colours. Using it in an otherwise monochrome, greyscale illustration, therefore, works perfectly.

79 - Pink Explosion

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Pink Explosion

  1. I love the color. I do think there should be a hint of her hand maybe peeking through the gap because I agree it’s ambiguous about if she has a missing hand. Although I also like the idea, it makes her mysterious.

    • I agree. That would have been the best solution. As you know, my approach is to lay down the scantest of pencil scaffolding and then go straight in with ink. That does lead to issues like this when I don’t think things all the way through in advance and test them out in pencil. However, it is only an art journal so that is precisely the place to make such errors.

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