Rainbow Art Journal – Purple and Yellow

This page in the purple section of my Rainbow Art Journal was simply inspired by a desire to use complementary colours. I pivoted to what is apparently my default setting of drawing a female figure in front of a disc. My husband asked why the people I draw always look miserable. My guess is it may be because neutral expressions are easier for me to draw. So I am making a note to self to try and draw a wider range of expressions.

71 - Purple and Yellow

11 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Purple and Yellow

    • One of my working theories is that the people I draw always have at least something of me in them. Maybe just the shape of the eyebrows or the nose but sometimes it may be my mood or emotional state.

      • I have actually noticed that about a lot of artist’s work and I imagine it is because we draw bits of faces (noses, eyes, etc) corresponding to the facial features we are most familiar with, which are our own.

      • I would have to say I have no idea what I look like (because of having no ability to visualize things in my imagination). So I think for me I have to be looking at someone to draw something more real, or else it’s just one of my odd people who are kind of stylized.

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