Spring Break 2022 – University of Maryland

While my kids get a week long Spring break, I only get a few days off work. We, therefore, opted to have a little mini-break in Washington DC, a location not too far from home and that would enable us to catch up with good friends we have not seen since before the pandemic.

We have also been thinking about introducing our middle two sons – currently a high school sophomore and freshman – to different types of universities so that they can begin to percolate their thoughts about where they would like to land up should they choose to continue into tertiary education. They have already visited a campus that is on the outskirts of a smaller city as we visited my oldest son at RIT. We thought, therefore, that we would make the University of Maryland a waypoint on our journey so that they could experience a campus that is more of a suburb with easy access to a major city.

2022-04-15 13.43.11

The University of Maryland’s mascot is a terrapin so there were terrapin statues, images, and references all over the place. Forget the reptiles, however, because I was more excited by the amphibian on campus. Jim Henson is a University alumnus so there is a statue of him and Kermit outside the student union building. As a lifelong Muppet fan, that was the highlight of the trip for me.

2022-04-15 13.10.13
2022-04-15 13.37.54
2022-04-15 13.31.10
2022-04-15 13.32.37
2022-04-15 15.10.27

It’s a lovely campus with appealing buildings and green spaces. You could not pay me to relive the first 13 years of my school education but I did enjoy my undergraduate and postgraduate years. Part of me wishes I could justify the resources to pursue a PhD because I just love learning and that academic atmosphere. I am, therefore, happy to be creating this program of college excursions. The 15 and 16 year olds decided they liked this type of campus. The 12 year old liked the fact they have their own ice cream producing dairy.

2022-04-15 14.25.27
2022-04-15 14.46.40

13 thoughts on “Spring Break 2022 – University of Maryland

  1. What a fun trip!! And what a special photo of you with the Kermit sculpture!! I love Jim Henson and the Muppets too!! And I know exactly what you mean about loving learning… So glad you had a good time!!!

    • Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed reading about it. I have been considering taking some self-paced and free college courses just because I love learning so much but, of course, time is forever the issue.

  2. You were close to where my son and his family live so it seems familiar. FYI Penn state has the Creamery, PA famous for ice cream made from its own cows, if you ever check out State Collage.

    • I have actually not been out to State College as it was my husband who took our oldest for their open days. We are probably going to go there over the summer so they can see what a more “remote” campus feels like. We will be sure to check out the ice cream.

    • Thank you. I look happy and also shiny. Having unexpectedly caught the sun the day before, I slathered myself in far too much sunscreen and was probably blinding folks with the reflection off my Neanderthal forehead. Ha ha!

  3. Penn State and Ohio State are considered to have pretty good dairies and on-campus ice cream.too. (And that may not be the worst standards by which to select a place of higher education.)

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