Rainbow Art Journal – Cool Breeze

This is another illustration I created with the contents of an Art Snacks box. This one was way back in November 2019 but, unlike my feelings towards most of my past art, I still really like this one. I have observed that I seem to draw a lot of female figures cowering or huddling against the cold, their hair blowing in the wind. No idea why. Perhaps because I have a tendency to feel cold?

67 - Cool Breeze

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Cool Breeze

  1. It is interesting to flip through past sketchbooks and discover topic trends – like you did about being cold. I have that topic running though my books too in the form of critters wearing sweaters, scarves… hot beverages and soup. I find it fun to discover a theme topic trending in my sketchbook and then deliberately explore that vein. Do you think you’ll do that with your theme?

    • I love those recurring motifs in your art work.

      I will probably allow this sketchbook to just be random because it is a space for exploration and the rainbow theme is enough to keep it organized in some way. However, I definitely like to work in a series so other sketchbooks are definitely themed. I have a massive list of potential subjects and ideas for art series. I just need to find the time and creative mojo.

      • I totally agree! Sometimes it is so nice to allow complete randomness! And having a massive list of ideas gives me a feeling of decadent richness and enables me to have the pleasure of just doing whatever feels most fun or interesting at this moment and letting that be enough. Hope your day is pleasant! 😊

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