Capybaras in Cape May

My 14 year old has been obsessed with capybaras for almost a year now. I don’t know the origin of the obsession but he is passionate about capybaras. He has even researched keeping them as pets even though he has been told that is absolutely not happening.

Since we were blessed with good weather and warm temperatures this President’s Day, we decided to take a daytrip to Cape May. This was because the zoo there has capybaras. I have not seen our 14 year old this enthusiastic about a day trip in years. I am pleased to report, therefore, that the capybaras were up and about and doing lots of adorable things. There appeared to be a mother and two juveniles. I was amused by how much the siblings behaved in ways entirely like our cats. They were very playful and endearing. As you can imagine, we were at the capybara enclosure for a long time.


We did visit other animals in the zoo and we all made sure we saw the areas that contained favourite beasties. My 16 year old wanted to see the primates – I think primarily because he loves the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy – and my 12 year old is cat-obsessed so we saw the various big cats. He especially loved seeing the Amur Leopard and Snow Leopard. The latter made me chuckle because one of them was lying on its back, sunning its belly, just like our three-legged cat at home. For my part, I always like the reptile and amphibian house because I like the weird looking critters.


It was a lovely day out, just the right length of time away from home to transition out of our Winter hermit ways and something that engaged everyone. I think we definitely fed the capybara obsession, however: on the drive home he was banging on about the best way to give his pet capybaras access to a bathing pool at home and figured some steps up to our bathtub would be the best bet.

2022-02-21 14.19.20

21 thoughts on “Capybaras in Cape May

  1. They are cute little guys all right. I also liked seeing the other creatures. Looks like a nice trip and something for everyone. Plus getting away from home for a few hours really blows away the cobwebs. I enjoyed seeing you all out and about.

    • Thank you. We have been going on walks and short trips over the winter but nothing that would have merited blogging about even if I could find the time to do so. Now that we are beginning to emerge from the depths of Winter, I am hoping we can go and explore some new places or at least places we have not been in quite some time. I am also hoping to get back into the habit of blogging and of making time for art.

    • He is actually an artist himself and has had success selling his work. Capybaras appear frequently. He also draws them at school. One of his teachers had to tell him to stop drawing capybaras during lessons.

      • That’s wonderful that he’s an artist too!!! And has had sales too!! Awesome!! And Lol about the teacher having to tell him to stop… I heard that too when I was a kid!! 🤣

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