Vintage Photos #1 – Robert Cornelius’ Selfie

I have embarked on a new creative challenge for this Summer. I will be sharing the illustrations on my other blog, Pict Ink, and on Instagram.

Pict Ink

Am I alone in this?

The first illustration on the first page of any of my sketchbooks or art journals is always disappointing. The results usually range from blah to meh. There has also been the odd occasion when I have torn out the first page and lobbed it in the recycling. It’s as if I need some sort of warm-up drawing that tells me that subsequent drawings can only get better.

All of which preamble is to state that I am disappointed in this, my first illustration in a new sketchbook.

This book is going to be dedicated to drawings all on one theme, namely illustrations of vintage photographs. I settled on this idea for several reasons: I love vintage photos; I wanted to challenge myself to work with a limited palette so monochrome subjects help with that; I want to hone my skills with layering ink and watercolour…

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Photos #1 – Robert Cornelius’ Selfie

  1. This is awesome!! I’m glad you have this new fun project!! For vintage photos check out Ampersand in Portland Oregon. They have bins of old photos they sell…last I saw they will ship them too. There are occasionally whole album books full of vintage photos! In the past I’ve contacted Myles, the owner, and told what general thing I was looking for and he found it/shipped it! Getting a grab bag of vintage photos in the mail is a fun thing…😉

    • Oh man. Collecting old photos could become a very dangerous spending habit for me. I don’t know that I even want to get started on that. Ha ha! The family historian in me would probably end up researching and sleuthing in an attempt to return the photos to descendants.

      For the time being, I am using online images on websites like the Library of Congress.

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