Forest Creature

This is a quick illustration I created with the contents of this month’s Art Snacks box. I received a very chunky black alcohol marker which presented me with quite the challenge. I am definitely a fan of fine line pens and have accumulated quite a collection of them. I am not very adept at using anything with a broad tip – nor am I very capable with alcohol markers for that matter. My solution was to draw a chubby little character with the marker. I don’t know why I thought to give him branches or antlers sprouting from his head but that choice led me to leave negative forms on his belly in the shape of leaves. Now white gel pens are something I love. Every single one of my pencil cases contains at least one Uni-ball white gel pen. I perhaps went a little over the top with the white pen details but I do like the effect on the antlers in particular.

Forest Creature - Art Snacks June 2021 - 2

12 thoughts on “Forest Creature

  1. Wow, I love him. I’d like to see him as a 3D fabric figurine. He could be stenciled on fabric and sewed. Forgive me, I’m contemplating some fabric figures and see them every where. And I love his antlers.

    • You are not the first person to think he would make a good pattern for a textile creation. If I remotely had the skills required, I might have a crack at it. I don’t have the skills or the time and patience to try right now. I would be more than happy for someone else to make an attempt using him as inspiration.

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      • Like you I’m not much of a big marker fan when it comes to doing a drawing with them. But doing a design with a big marker intended for transfer to a lino block for print making…oh yes!!!! πŸ€—

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