Rainbow Art Journal – Air Sprite

This next page in the blue section of my Rainbow Art Journal was actually created back in February. It was made with the contents of that month’s Art Snacks box. I received blue and green products so I decided to produce an illustration of an Air Sprite. The blue of her clothing is an acrylic ink and the colour of her hair was actually produced by diluting the pigment from a metallic green marker. That same marker has a nib that produces dots of varying sizes depending on the pressure placed on it. As you can see, I had a lot of fun creating those dots.

62 - Air Sprite

13 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Air Sprite

  1. What a delightful flowing look you got in her hair!! The dots are just the right amount – enough to add an airy quality!!! You really made good choices of what to put in and what to leave out… your design sense is wonderful!!!

    • Thank you very much, Sue. It is funny you say that because, when I was studying Art and Design at High School, my teacher would constantly comment about how my design skills were stronger than my art skills.

      • Lol!!! I’m not certain one can have design skills without also having art skills – or vice versa. The two skills are twinned in my mind anyway. But I can quite image that you, me and your art teacher could easily use up a whole bottle of wine while discussing the topic!! 🀣

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