Rainbow Art Journal – Skeleton Whale

Having just committed to getting back into the swing of making regular time for art and sharpening my skills again, I quickly lapsed because of a nigh impossible schedule. I literally had to make a spreadsheet titled “Schedule Hell” in order to navigate all of the many schedule clash problems I had to resolve. Essentially I need to be able to clone myself or develop teleportation. Since I suck at STEM, I just get to be burned out from the stress of having to be in multiple places at once.

Anyway, this is the page I managed to complete in my Rainbow Art Journal because the blue background was ready and waiting for me. This background is the result of painting leftover acrylic from other projects onto the page in a haphazard way. Since I enjoy drawing inaccurate skeletons, I decided to attempt a whale. The proportions are actually wackier than even I intended but that’s OK.

61 - Skeleton Whale

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Skeleton Whale

  1. This is wonderful!! I love the wacky skeleton!!! Sich fun!!! You did a great job with the contrast in blues!!!

    I am sorry you’re having the stress of schedule hell. My mantra during similar times in my own life has been “nothing has to go right today”. Feel free to borrow it if it helps you. Please know you are appreciated by me.

    • Thank you. It is the inflexibility of the schedule that is so challenging because the chaos is largely down to my virtual learning kids have to take in-person exams and, therefore, be transported to and from school buildings. I unfortunately don’t have any control over the timing of all of that mess and I often have to be in two or three places at once. I am going to be completely flagging when we get to the end of this school year and it will be a relief to not be juggling all of that over summer break.

      Thank you for your kind words about the skeleton whale. Even though the finished piece is a bit derpy and daft, I had fun creating it and that has definitely value right now.

      • Yes!! During times like you describe it’s indeed a valuable thing to stay close to anything that makes you glad!! Hang on to your moments of fun/gladness and pretty soon it’ll be summer break! If I lived closer to you I would bring you and your family a meal just so you didn’t have to do that… please know that I’m in your corner.

  2. I had no idea whales and birds were so closely related… 😊
    Love the whimsy here, especially how he’s only using SOME of his AA batteries, and saving the rest for emergencies… Now put your feet up and de-stress immediately!!– cheers, Laura!! 😊

    • Thank you. There is no way this skeleton is remotely anatomically accurate enough for us to determine the gender. I don’t know why I enjoy drawing daft skeletons – pattern and shape is my best guess – but I do.

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