Green and Ochre

In addition to my Post-It note drawings, the other art I have been trying to keep up with is the monthly challenge of creating an illustration using only the contents of that month’s Art Snacks box. Each box arriving in my mailbox was a useful prod to get me to set aside some time for art. It helped that most of the products in recent boxes have been portable so I have been able to create art on the go.

This was what I created with the contents of my January box. I really liked the grey fine liners. As you know, I use black ink pens a lot but I was glad to have grey pens to add to my case of drawing pens. The green has not photographed well but it is actually metallic with a pleasing shimmer. I didn’t find that ochre colour appealing at first glance and never would have chosen that colour in a store but, once I used it, I actually found I really quite liked it. Green and orange are both colours I overlook when I am drawing so it is sometimes useful to have a nudge to create with those neglected colours.

Art Snacks - January 2021 - 2

15 thoughts on “Green and Ochre

  1. Love the attitude of the characters body language! And I like the way you used the colors!! Way to go!! Onve upon a time I too found the ocher and green an odd combo…but now I often reach for those colors. Naples yellow and moss green ar a similar but different combo I’ve come to enjoy. Good job with the drawing and I’m really glad your back!!!

    • Thanks, Sue. I really need to explore a wider range of colour palettes again. I have a whole board on Pinterest to inspire my colour choices yet I so often default to reaching for my old favourites.

      • I do the same thing. I have Pinterest boards and printed color scheme books and sometimes even when I try to use a different paint palette it ends up similar to what I’ve done before. This, as far as I can tell, is perfectly normal. Every artist has their default colors. It helps me stay fresh to at least try a new set of colors. That it doesn’t “take” and i revert to my default…. well, that’s me using my native color language. If my new color result is slightly different from my usual… well, that’s a tiny expansion of my color vocabulary. Like a speaker of more than one spoken language while there’s still a native tongue one defaults to – and perhaps one struggles with the non native language – still the act of making an effort to speak other languages is a worthy and beneficial goal even if it’s never fully achieved.
        Besides it’s fun to try new colors! I’ve recently tried some pinks and magenta colors…that was a step out there for me!

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