Rainbow Art Journal – Selfie in Blue Gouache

Over Winter break, I have picked up my Rainbow Art Journal again.  I am determined to get it finished this year.  It has been one of those projects I have dipped in and out of for far too long.  It’s time to wrap it up.

This page is my first attempt at properly using gouache.  I was gifted a set of gouache paints for my birthday in November and I finally found time to start experimenting with them.  I am a natural born pessimist and not given to self-confidence but I daftly thought I would take to gouache.  I assumed it would be close enough to watercolour that I would have a sense for how to work it and apply it.  Spoiler alert: I was wrong.  The gouache does not react to water in the same way that watercolour paint does.  Being thicker, it was harder for me to dilute it in a way that was pleasing.  I got lots of ugly streaks.  It was also harder for me to work with the brush.  I am used to being able to gently encourage watercolour and ink into edges and shapes but I had to be more forceful with the gouache.

I kept my first experiment simple, a silly little doodle of a selfie, because my focus was on the application of the paint rather than the outcome of a finished illustration.  As first experiments go, it is not a disaster but nor is it as proficient as I hoped it would be.  That’s OK though.  That’s what my art journals are for.

56 Selfie in Blue Gouache

20 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Selfie in Blue Gouache

      • Please do keep playing with it!!! It does take some getting used to as it’s different from any other art medium. Just remember that gouache is more forgiving than many mediums in that you can smooge out fresh color and paint thickly right over the oops.

      • That’s exactly it… it just takes time to physically play and get a feel for gouache. No one outside your hand can tell you how things go with gouache – one just has to feel ones way forward with a brush. I look at other gouache artworks and tutorials to get an idea of what’s possible but still I grope with what my own hand/mind will or won’t do with the medium. I literally rely on and glory in the fact that with gouache I can so easily paint right over mistakes.
        Happy smooge-ing!! 🤣

    • It’s funny you say that because I only thought of Willow Pattern afterwards and now I am pondering actually deliberately attempting something along the lines of Willow Pattern or Delftware.

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