1980s Girl

I desperately needed some art time but I was completely lacking in motivation and inspiration.  I did, however, have my November Art Snacks box sitting untouched on my art table so I decided to tackle this month’s challenge as a way to jump start some creative time.

I did cheat a bit on the challenge because I used a black ink pen that did not come with the box.  The bright pink of the marker, the citrus green of one of the pencils, and the neon yellow of the brush pen suggested a 1980s pop vibe so I sketched out a girl wearing 1980s fashions – based simply on my recollection rather than any references so probably not super accurate.

It’s certainly far from my best work but it felt therapeutic to create something in my art journal and, as I have written many times before, often the journey is more important than the destination.

Art Snacks - November 2020

19 thoughts on “1980s Girl

      • Totally hear you! Our water heater chose to erupt like a geyser last evening. Spent till 2 am cleaning up. Plumbers and restoration work scheduled now. And here I sit on my tuft. Will draw and create more some other day. Hope your day tomorrow is relaxing for you – and us all…😊

      • Not the most fun to have… but it’s really not too bad in the grand scheme of things. It’s oddly reassuring to hear plumbers and restoration people saying “this? Oh this is nothing…you should have seen…” So I think we’ll have a grateful happy Thanksgiving after all. Thank you for your concern! 😊

      • Happy Thanksgiving! As you know, I am well aware of just how stressful this type of event is to deal with. We can focus on the silver linings but it is still very draining to get through.

      • Yes, and I have all the more empathy for you and your basement flooding issue now. And I had plenty of empathy for you before this! So true it is draining…Happy Thanksgiving despite it all!

  1. I’m not taking off any points for cheating, and that 1980s vibe looks exactly right to me. In fact, I used to wear that same outfit… 😊 I like it a lot, Laura. I feel happy just being here, and I’m sorry it took me so long. Hope you and family are in good health and spirits!!

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