Alfred Hitchcock

I had a bit of a cruddy day yesterday.  We’ve had some flooding to deal with (a lot) lately and the day started with lashing rain yet again, I consequently changed my plan for the day which is something I always find unsettling and disappointing, and then I spent hours problem solving another unexpected problem that cropped up.  It was all small beer in the greater scheme of things and certainly all piffling in the context of a global pandemic.  On the other hand, living in the midst of a pandemic is also mentally and emotionally fatiguing so maybe that is why smaller problems are getting to me more.

The point of this preamble is that two things that do the best job at calming me down when I am a powder keg of stress and anxiety: art and horror movies.  So I settled down with a cup of tea in front of ‘Shadow of a Doubt’, one of my favourite Hitchcock movies (and not strictly a horror), and decided to draw Alfred Hitchcock using the supplies from this month’s Art Snacks box.  I thought the combination of black ink, the sepia ink pencil, and the crimson paint suited the subject.

Alfred Hitchcock - Art Snacks Aug 2020

15 thoughts on “Alfred Hitchcock

  1. It’s a wonderful portrait!! And I’m glad that you have ways to take care of yourself. I too resort to making art during difficult times – it seems to help. I say often “Thank goodness for art supplies!”
    Hang in there please – and I will too.

    • Thank you, Sue. I am sure like most people, I am just experiencing the normal ups and downs that arise from living in an abnormal way and processing so much uncertainty. I am thankful every day, however, that we don’t have much more to worry about during this pandemic and that all my stressors are small and manageable by comparison.

    • Thank you! The sepia pencil is a Derwent Inktense pencil. I have a set of them and love them because they apply like a pencil and then turn to ink when water is applied. I did not even know that Inktense produced a sepia pencil so I am glad I received one. You might find the Inktense pencils really useful as you could use them for underpainting as they do not reactivate once dry.

  2. Thank you for your detailed reply. I do own a set of Inktense pencils but some of the colours are a bit uninspiring. Perhaps I could order separate colours. That’s a good tip about using them as an underpainting . Take care !

    • I am very much the same. Some of my pencils look brand new while others have been very well used. I have not been in a store that sells them individually but I will do that when my favourite colours run out.

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