Bringer of Rain

All of my art time lately has been funneled towards my Star Wars challenge.  It is always good to have a break from things, however, so I opened up my art journal and decided to create something using the supplies from my July Art Snacks box.  I received two Kurteake watercolour pans in a dark grey with hints of indigo and a sort of citrus chartreuse and a Daniel Smith watercolour stick in vermilion so I basically had a slight twist on the three primary colours.  The lime-yellow-chartreuse immediately made me think of a raincoat I had when I was very wee and then I thought about how the grey-blue was reminiscent of heavy rain clouds on a stormy day.  That, therefore, gave me the theme for my illustration.

Incidentally, I painted this while I was on a lengthy phone call – having done the drawing earlier – so how is that for multitasking in order to ensure I still got my art time?

Art Snacks - July 2020 - 2

17 thoughts on “Bringer of Rain

    • Thank you. I think it is actually beneficial to not multitask and instead just focus on one thing at a time. I aspire to that. I am just terrible at trying to cram as many things into my day as I possibly can which means multitasking but it really isn’t the best mode of operating.

  1. I really like this one, Laura. I too had a yellow raincoat as a child and I remember it having a hat that looked like a duck bill. I love how you created matching boots for your very stylish raincoat. 🙂

    • Thank you. The visual texture in the rainy sky started as an accident because I was slowly painting and trying to keep my hand steady for those straight lines and then I almost immediately found myself on the phone call at the same time and that led to some inconsistencies and pauses and I like what the different levels of pigment, water logging, and different drying times was doing to create the texture so I then started deliberately encouraging it.

  2. I like it. I can’t quite figure out if she looks resigned to the rain or like she’s pleased with a trick she’s pulling. Either way, I like the contrast between her ordinariness and her obvious power. We could have used her here this spring to bring us a bit of rain.

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