Woman in Cloak

This illustration is what I came up with using just the contents of my May Art Snacks box.  There were brush markers, a coloured pencil, an India ink marker, and a copic fineliner.  I appreciated that all of the items were portable art supplies (when combined with a water brush) because I was able to knock this drawing out while supervising my youngest doing his distance learning lessons for the day.  I have been doing the drawing part of my Star Wars illustrations while supervising the boys’ education each morning (and then painting them in the afternoons) so I took a break and knocked this out instead.  Messing about with the shapes in the cloak was a welcome distraction from 5th Grade algebra.

Art Snack - May 2020 - 2

12 thoughts on “Woman in Cloak

  1. Ha, ha! I love that you ‘knocked this out’ while supervising your son. She’s bright and vibrant and I really like those shapes – if you hadn’t mentioned algebra I might have thought your son was doing his geometry lesson 🙂

    • We all have out strengths and areas that require improvement. I was actually very good at maths when I was a kid but I have a “use it or lose it” thing with my brain and that, combined with the fact it is all taught and done so differently these days, means I am all at sea with 5th Grade Maths. He’s actually got excellent numeracy but, when he does need help, he relies on his big brothers because I’ve got nothing. Arithmetic, geometry, fractions, those I can do. Algebra and the way long division is taught these days requires support from elsewhere.

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