Birthdays in Lockdown

Two thirds of the Pict family birthdays are in Spring – two of them within the same week.  It’s a busy time of year.  Usually birthdays involve a treat meal at a restaurant and a family excursion somewhere.  However, given we are all in lockdown as part of the containment measures during the Covid 19 pandemic, the celebrations have been a bit different so far this year.

Mr Pict’s birthday was first up.  It fell within the first 48 hours of the lockdown so we had already made plans we had to abandon and I quickly had to come up with an alternative plan.  I like to be organized because I get angsty about chaos undermining the joy of any celebration.  There were no eggs in stores at that point so I bought a premade cake from the supermarket bakery.  Mr Pict had no complaints about that and happily we managed to pull the rest of the festivities off and his birthday was a success.

2020-03-14 19.23.01

Next up was our third son turning 13.  He will certainly never forget the birthday that marked his official entry into teenagehood.  I obviously had prior warning that this was going to be an entirely domestic celebration so it all went much smoother.  Like his father, our 13 year old is obsessed with Ancient Rome.  His favourite Emperor is Trajan so his main gift was a map showing the Roman empire during Trajan’s reign and he also got a hoodie of Trajan’s World Tour.  This established the theme for the cake.  I used food colouring to paint the outline of a bust of Trajan.  If I thought drawing in ink without pencil guidelines was challenging, that was nothing compared to painting with food colouring on top of a cake.  Some edible gold added a bit of razzle dazzle and distracted from the wonkiness of Trajan’s face.

2020-04-08 19.05.20

Six days later, it was the turn of our oldest son to celebrate his birthday.  He is 17.  That seems crazy to me.  17 is how old I was when I permanently left home.  Our oldest son is addicted to pepper sauce and hot sauce and super spicy salsas.  He and his 14 year old brother actually eat ghost pepper salsa, scream from the pain, and then eat more.  He, of course, received some hot sauces he had never tried before as one of his gifts but that also gave me the theme for his cake.  Tabasco is his everyday hot sauce – and I do mean everyday because he adds it to everything – so I made him a Tabasco cake – though I assure you pepper sauce was not one of the ingredients.

2020-04-14 19.18.37-1

The next Pict family birthday is at the end of May.  It is likely to be another lockdown birthday.  Then we have two birthdays in the Autumn.  Goodness knows what life will be like by then.  We’ll just keep rolling with it, taking things day by day, and reminding ourselves of all the things for which we are grateful, including family and birthdays and cake.

20 thoughts on “Birthdays in Lockdown

  1. All is well that ends well. We have a 4yr, birthday coming up…we will see how it goes. Hopefully her dad will be back ,after 2 mos. away and that will be the best gift of all.
    ps. your artistry on the cakes is really good.

  2. It sounds like you did a great job on the birthdays, more so with the first given the short notice you had. Trajan looked good as you weren’t familiar with the medium of cake decorating. The Tabasco cake logo looks like the logo.

    For the hot sauce family members, there’s is place here that sells hot stuff.

    Have they tried a North Carolina company hot sauces? The company decided ghost pepper wasn’t hot enough and created two hybrids that are even hotter. You can order online from it.

      • I would have posted the link, but it sounds like profanity as the company plays on a certain body opening. Look for Carolina Reaper and the Wikipedia article links to the company under References. Originally they made one hotter, but decided it needed to be a lot hotter so made a second one even hotter than the first one.

      • I will put in my cake order very soon. November is not that far away…hmmm, I do need to think about my request! (Just kidding, but really, I think those cakes look just stunning).

  3. Jeepers your boys have some hardy taste buds there! And you did so good with those cakes – these Covid19 birthdays will make for long term memories. It’s an odd thing watching our babies grow up and start to pass milestones we recall from our own days …..

    My eldest had to abandon plans for her big 50th a week into lock down and reported back it’s one birthday she will never forget…… all the far flung guests who couldn’t travel to be with her rang and video called and her day was filled with celebrations and many, many variations of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ 🙂

  4. At the end of all this, I think your sons are going to have the longest hair I’ve ever seen on them. Let’s get it to their shoulders LOL. I know what you mean about the seventeen-year-old. My one and only just turned 17 a couple weeks ago and was very clear about how much this birthday stunk. We were able to get some carryout from his favorite restaurant and put it on our dishes and heat it all in the oven to kill any potential germs. How can they possibly leave next year? By the way, I use Tabasco every single day, including soup today, so I can definitely appreciate his taste.

    • Happy Birthday to your son! Definitely crazy to have a 17 year old. They are right on the cusp of adulthood and leaving the nest.

      The hair on my husband and kids is getting ridiculous. I normally cut their hair anyway so it is not like they have an excuse. They keep just putting it off and I guess I am not fighting the battle since we are not going anywhere any time soon. I think this weekend might be the time to sheer them though.

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