Zombie Cats & Zombie Bunnies

These illustrations were created with the contents of my April Art Snacks box.  It has been a while since I completed a proper illustration of my zombie critters, as opposed to a doodle.  I have drawn zombie bunnies in any number of compositions and colours but I think this is the first time I have drawn a tower or stack of zombie cats.  I used the warm colours (two watercolour pencils and a water based marker) for the zombie cats and coloured the zombie bunnies in shades of blue using different dilutions of ink from the blue marker.  The darkest blue right at the top of the illustration is the colour straight from the nib.  These were fun to draw.  I hope they are also fun to look at.

Zombie Cats & Zombie Bunnies

14 thoughts on “Zombie Cats & Zombie Bunnies

  1. I think that these beautiful, almost pastel shades make your zombies a bit less threatening, Laura. I love them. Doing the current isolation alone, I think I might even consider adopting one of the zombie cats. 🙂

  2. I have somehow lost the ability to get email notices of your posts/. There is no way to resubscribe (yours isn’t the only blog this has happened with) so I will add you to my list to check daily. I hadn
    t seen you post since the Great Lockdown and figured something might be up. Glad to see all is as well as can be expected.

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