Coral Orbs

This is the art journal page I created with this month’s Art Snacks supplies.  The figure is painted using two Faber-Castell markers that can be activated with water to imitate watercolour.  What I really got addicted to, however, was a Kuretake pen that makes circles.  I had thought I would just add a few dots in the background but clearly I got carried away.  You can see how  much of a battering I put my art journal through by how crinkled and buckled this page is.  It will flatten out over time because of the weight in the rest of the journal.  It’s one of the reasons why I find photographing my doodlings to be a challenge.

Art Snacks - Feb 2020

10 thoughts on “Coral Orbs

    • Honestly, I am not sure either. The pose just came to me out of my imagination. Maybe a bit of both?

      The pen is a Kuretake Zig. It is double ended, one a fineliner in a plastic nib – which I didn’t really test out – and one the dot end. You can make different sized dots depending on how firmly you press. You know I like circles so I can see myself using this pen over and over.

  1. I laughed because a gay friend of mine in college used to call all lady chests “orbs.” Her body language is saying she wants to be left alone–or move down south where it’s warmer!

    • Bwah ha ha ha! I don’t think my boobs are perky enough to qualify as orbs any more. My association with the word orbs is a cheap paranormal investigation TV show where every single dust particle or unexplained light flare was labelled an “orb” and had to be a sign of a ghostly presence.

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