Rainbow Art Journal – Yellow & Turquoise

I believe that turquoise is a colour that works with every other colour.  I am, therefore, making a record of various turquoise colour palette combinations in my Rainbow Art Journal.  This page, therefore, is a record of yellow and turquoise.  I have been unable to get this illustration to photograph well.  In reality, the skin tones are much warmer and the turquoise much more vibrant.

41 - Yellow & Turquoise

13 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Yellow & Turquoise

  1. I love the color scheme. Turquoise is a color of life affirmation, I think. I also love how her hands are positioned and how they look. I like the fact that they are not exactly youthful hands but seem to have some years on them. I guess I’m enjoying thinking of how they have seen some life and affirm it, themselves.

  2. Very nice!!! I like the color combination!! I love turquoise too – I usually have trouble getting the camera to do the aqua/turquoise color correctly too. It’s like every camera I’ve ever known either “saw” green or “saw” blue…. sigh. But I like your work – and you got a good photo!!

  3. The colour combination is interesting, I like it! And her almost sad expression is intriguing, lei me think what is happening or what just happened…
    Good work, I like it!
    PS: to reproduce painting, drawing or sketches with photography is really one of the most difficult things…

    • Thanks, Robert. I really should take time to scan my doodlings but I’m a realist: if it’s too much hassle for me to use my DSLR to snap a photo of my art journal then I’m never going to get around to scanning.

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