Beetle Woman

I grabbed 20 minutes with my art journal yesterday and created this illustration.  I guess it is more a character design.  I came up with the idea of a humanoid insect by combining this week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt – bugs – with the fact my middle two sons are into comic books and there are some truly bonkers characters to be found in those.  So I decided to draw Beetle Woman.  Quick ink drawing coloured with watercolour.

30 - Beetle Woman

16 thoughts on “Beetle Woman

  1. Another personality filled character. Now we need a back story for her. Maybe your kids? And how about a June bug character? ( not to tell you what to do. I’m just really enthusiastic about what you did here. )

  2. You do a great job at character design!! I used to do character design work for a costume designer long ago… you could do that too if the movie character design didn’t work out! Or a book… I’d love a book of insect people. Complete with scientific (ahem) notes about genus, phylum etc…. 😉

      • A book of your insect people would be such fun! Have you seen some of Edward Lear’s odd botanical creations? I can imagine you doing similar – but more “you”! And yes, it was fun to create 3D characters to be worn as mascots or in the theatre etc. Cats wearing catwalk clothes for sure! (a series of my cat costumes were banned/protested by a religious group. But that’s another story. Lol!) Monster Bunny was a fave… I loved doing the blend of cute and scary/grotesque for Monster Bunn. Lol! Wish I still had the photo of the finished costume… or at least the sketch. Ah well. I’m sure you can easily imagine what I mean. 🙂

      • I’ll have to find some time and draw a version of Monster Bunn for you then! Lol! Yes, I used to cause controversy often back when I lived in Okla. Here in the PNW I’m as normal as eating pie with a fork. The funny thing is that I’m making the same kinds of art now that I made back in Okla. Amazing what a difference the attitudes in a geographical area can make. I did (and still do) have many supporters and fans who live in Okla. – so I wasn’t “radical” to everyone there. Just a vocal minority. Even so… I like being in the PNW now. 😉 There, happily added “draw Monster Bunn” to my to-do list!!

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