I have never participated in official Art Therapy but I would definitely vouch for art being therapeutic.  I personally use it for stress busting and to invest in myself by topping up my reserves by taking some time out of life’s flurry of activity and just doing something focused and creative.  Therefore, while dealing with the aftermath of our basement flood, feeling completely frazzled, and being physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted, I knew that the best way in which I could recharge my batteries was to take some time out for art.  It was just the tool for decompression that I needed.

I used a recent Art Journal Adventure prompt – Celestial – and cracked open my art journal and opened my box of watercolours and got stuck in.  As those who follow my blog will know, I am interested in Greek Mythology so I decided to depict Nyx, the goddess of Night.  In Classical art, she was depicted as having wings or riding in a chariot but I kept the shapes and forms simple and made her body a flowing shape, a sort of cloak of spreading darkness.  By keeping the composition simple and letting wet paint run and flow, other than drying time, this whole illustration was done and dusted in no more than 20 minutes.  It was, therefore, really took no time at all out of my hectic day but left me feeling recharged and ready to battle on.

22 - Nyx - Goddess of Night - Art Journal Page

12 thoughts on “Nyx

    • Thanks, Sharon. It’s actually amazing how much I can get done in a short burst. I used to deny myself Art time thinking I didn’t have adequate time to accomplish anything but now I just get stuck in.

  1. I love how she dissolves into being a night sky. She is beautiful and I would never think you did this in such a short amount of time. Very sure and sophisticated work, I think.

  2. As you know I’m a firm believer and practitioner of the “short bursts” method of shoe-horning in time for art into a hectic time so as make sure ones soul is fed/rejuvenated. I’m so glad your art-making burst helped you! I love the vibrant colors and the contrast you achieved in this piece! Good job!! We recently had a bunch of company staying over and I cooked a meal for 12 people. Loved seeing everyone and felt rushed off my feet but still managed to pop back to my studio for 10 mins here and 20 mins there – and I felt renewed each time. That sneaking off to do art is truly how I cope … 😉

    • Thanks, Sue. I definitely believe in your method and have tried to adopt it as best I can. I definitely agree in it aiding balance. It’s hard not to feel guilty taking some time for art at a time when there was so much to be done but I was running on exhaust fumes by that point and really needed to decompress. Art was just the ticket.

      • I hear you! I had moments of guilt when the company was here and I snuck off to dabble in the paints – but I followed that feeling with “It’s either sneak away to decompress or start standing on the table shouting. They’d probably rather that I snuck away…” So I stopped feeling guilty. Woman does not live to serve. Woman lives and occasionally serves. 😉 Also I must be getting older because I had no qualms during this visit about asking a nephew/niece to do something in the kitchen while I snuck away to my studio. I even did the ole “which do you want to do; set the table or serve the food?” when it neared time to eat – so I could go rest! 😉 Lol!

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