Rainbow Art Journal – Icarus

One of my sons is obsessed with Greek Mythology – all of my kids were at one point – and that means that, thanks to osmosis, I have become a bit of a Greeky Mythology nerd myself.  The mythological figures, especially the monsters, therefore often appear in my sketchbooks.  A few years ago now, that theme was even the basis for a challenge I did to draw 40 drawings in 40 days.  I have contemplated returning to that theme for a whole series of drawings – but without the time challenge – but that shall be for some future juncture.  For now, I decided to draw Icarus in my Rainbow Art Journal.

I am currently working through the yellow section of my art journal and bold yellow suggested sunshine and sunshine suggested Icarus’ wings melting … This was my thought process.  This was another page that had some little underlying texture as I had previously scraped leftover white acrylic over the page.  You can spot the lumps and bumps.  I kept the illustration simple and, therefore, kept the colour palette limited.  I generally suck at drawing wings but I actually really like the way these turned out given that they are supposed to be a) manmade and b) broken.  I tried using spray inks to create some visual texture between the sun disc and the falling figure but it seems that the inks don’t perform well on top of acrylic – hello, learning opportunity – but it adds a sort of glow around the sun so at least it did not ruin the illustration.

39 - Icarus

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Icarus

  1. I love Greek mythology and Icarus has always interested me. It’s cool that you pick themes for your work. I want to be drawing more and am now thinking that I should give myself topics to work with to help me get moving. Thanks for the idea!

    • You are welcome! Some of my themes are loose (like the rainbow thing) and some are specific (like mythology or Harry Potter) but I do find it useful to have a general plan so that I use my available art time efficiently and don’t burn through time just coming up with an idea.

      • Brilliant. I’ve realized this before, but it’s one of those things I tend to forget, so I’m always grateful for reminders!

    • Thank you. I obviously couldn’t get anyone to pose for me for this one. I looked at some photos of people falling and then just tried my best to cobble together a posture. It’s, therefore, not quite realistic but seems right at the same time.

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