Rainbow Art Journal – Sunshine

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, one of the ways in which I use  my Rainbow Art Journal is as a record of art supplies I own and the way they behave on the paper I use for art journaling (Canson Mixed Media).  This illustration, therefore, was created using the two shades of yellow in my set of Dr Ph Martin Hydrus watercolours – hansa yellow and gamboge.  My intention was to be much looser in my creation of a figure on the page but I guess I couldn’t suppress my control freakery enough so the illustration ended up pretty tight regardless.  She is one of those sprite type characters I have drawn before and I decided she could represent sunshine.  I added a circle in the background using a yellow watercolour pencil and then I filled the rest of the background with spatter.  It’s a very imperfect drawing but I had fun creating her and process is much more important to me than outcome when art journaling.

38 - Sunshine

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Sunshine

      • Not cheating a bit to add grey!!!! According to my color wheel (and my memories of Color Theory class in art school) it’s called “adding tone” i.e adding grey to any hue creates a tone, adding white creates a tint and adding black creates a shade. One of the exercises we had to do in art school was to take each primary color and create a tonal range graduated scale. On one edge of a paper would be the out-of-tube yellow. On the opposite end of the paper would be an out-of-tube white. We’d mix 5 to 12 steps between them – then do the same exercise 2 more times, one with a 50% grey tone and another with an out-of-tube black. Let me emphasize that you were NOT cheating! In fact you were pleasing the art-eye-game-gods tremendously!! 😉

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