Rainbow Art Journal – Easy Peasy

Some pages in my Rainbow Art Journal are blank slates; others are covered with bits of collage or scrapings of paint or handwritten notes or even the odd doodle.  When I have leftover paint, I scrape or smear it onto a page in the appropriate colour sector of my journal and, when I have a collage scrap, I similarly paste it in.  This was one such page that had such a messy start of leftovers.  There was some textured gesso on the page and also a prominent wine label.  I decided to turn that wine label into the basis of clothing for a female figure.  The rest of the clothing element is made of washi tape.  Initially, that female figure was youthful but I decided to challenge myself to draw an older face so I did a sort of “age progression” on the face until it looked right to me.  I decided to lean into the texture of the gesso by adding more texture on the page, scraping thick paint onto the page, scraping into that paint as it was starting to dry.

34 - Easy Peasy - Art Journal Page

16 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Easy Peasy

  1. Gesso is a great medium to work with…the whole composition is wonderful. I especially like the expression the woman’s face. She looks like she doesn’t put up with any “sh*t”, haha.

    • Thank you very much, Mike. I usually try to get gesso really smooth but, as this was just scrapings of leftover gesso applied without much thought, it built up much more texture. And it has led me to discover that I like the effect so now I will try to do this deliberately in future.

  2. Love it! I enjoy that technique of working from “leftovers” too. Makes the blank page much friendlier IMHO. 😉 I like the texture you got for her hair especially! Good job!!

    • Thanks, Sue. I don’t often experience anxiety over the blank page in my journal but I definitely do with other pieces. Working with whatever is one the page already, however, forces me to be a bit more flexible and less inhibited.

      • I hear you. Once I’d gotten some handmade paper that I allowed to intimidate me. It was so pretty, so expensive (etc.) and then I made a minor spill on a corner of it and got over myself. Lol!

      • I have a thumbtacked card on my studio wall that says “Use the art supplies yourself – or they’ll get sold for 10 cents in a garage sale after your funeral”. The sentiment is morbid but it lights a fire under me and helps me to feel less precious/hoarding of special supplies. After all no-one is as likely to see their value as I am. To anyone cleaning out my studio after my passing the art supplies won’t look like much worth. Sigh.

    • Thanks, Claudia. One of the things I’m enjoying about this journal is that I’ve filled some pages with random leftovers and scraps so it forces me to play around and see what happens and sometimes those happenings are serendipitous.

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