Rainbow Art Journal – Yellow and Purple

Since I was in the yellow section of my Rainbow Art Journal, I wanted to include a page that was about complementary colours.  In this case, that meant yellow and purple.  I have also been using this art journal to record the art materials I use so this page was created using three Daler Rowney Aquafine watercolours: cadmium yellow, gamboge, and purple lake.  I got the illustration to the point that the figure was complete and the background was entirely yellow.  Thinking that the yellow background was too bland and that the figure was floating in too much empty space, I added the purple plant forms.  I think perhaps I went a bit overboard and now the background is too busy – and the purple a bit too dominant in a page that is supposed to be predominantly yellow.  Nevermind that I strayed from my intentions because I quite like the illustration regardless.

33 - Yellow and Purple - Art Journal Page


14 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Yellow and Purple

    • Thank you, Sharon! It is interesting that you spotted that slight curve of the dress, which is the remnant of the original composition of the torso which had a crazy curve to it. I almost committed to it but one of my kids thought it looked too creepily distorted. I may well try it again though.

  1. I love the design of this piece . I agree with you – you have to be painting regularly to make good progress , but , life gets in the way . Love the yellow and purple ( I use complementary colours in my work too ! )

    • Thank you. I find working on challenges gets me into the rhythm of working more regularly whereas something casual like this themed art journal is too easy for me to let lapse for periods.

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