Rainbow Art Journal – Golden Sun

I had this idea that I should create an illustration of a sun goddess in the yellow section of my art journal.  Once I got started, however, the figure evolved into a pseudo ancient Egyptian woman and the yellow sun ended up golden.  I basically cannot be trusted around metallic paints as I almost always go overboard with them.  There’s so much gold and bronze all over this piece that there is barely any yellow left beyond the background.  Oops. I guess I was still in a Klimty mode after the piece I did a few weeks ago because I ended up creating all sorts of Klimt-esque patterns all over the figure to.  If this is the type of thing that happens when I go with the flow without having a clear plan in mind, I definitely need to leave my control freakery be and let it come up with a vision to work towards.

32 - Golden Sun

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Golden Sun

      • I love it that you’re working in short bursts now! Keep it up!!! Your work is developing nicely! Love the texture/pattern combo here. I say let ‘er rip with those metallic colors!!

      • Short bursts seems to work best for the rhythm of my daily life. It’s pragmatic, of course, but it seems to make me more productive creatively. If I waited for a block of free time in which to do art, I would be going weeks without creating.

      • I hear you! Works best for my life too. I’ve been guilty of advocating the “short burst” concept to any creative person I hear talking about “waiting for a block of free time” before creating. I think “blocks of free time” are the modern era’s version of rainbow-colored-cinnamon-scented-unicorns-that-fly-and-grant-wishes. 😉

      • It was your advice that got me working in this way. I am now pretty good at automatically knowing how to break a project down into manageable, realistic chunks. And I so agree with you about generous lashings of free time. It’s the stuff of myth.

      • Wow! I’m so glad to know that my method has helped you too!! Thank you!! Delighted to hear that!!! You’re so creative and I’m glad the world gets to see your work and isn’t left waiting until the mythical beast “free time” appears! Keep it up!!

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