My February Art Snacks box not only prompted me to grab some extra art time on our recent Snow Day but also forced me to use a medium I would never normally reach for: chalk pastels.  I last used chalk pastels for an art lesson almost three years ago and, prior to that, I had not used them for probably two decades.  I, therefore, have no skill with them whatsoever let alone anything approaching talent.  However, the whole point of challenging myself to use the contents of my Art Snacks box is to force me out of my comfort zone and try things that nudge me out of any comfortable creative rut I might be in.  This entire illustration was created with just nothing beyond what was in the box – a bookmark sized sample of tan paper, a mechanical pencil, a putty rubber (mouldable eraser), a white ink pen, and a set of Rembrandt chalk pastels, all in yellow hues.  My use of the pastels is very basic and simple, just used to fill in blocks of colour.  I must say I was impressed with how they lay down pigment on the paper, definitely not as crumbly as my ancient set of pastels for sure.  However, I still don’t think pastels are my thing.

Art Snacks - Feb 2019 - 2

14 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. You can’t get better at something if you don’t push through the awkward “how the heck does this work?” phase. And tryiing new things is how we get new ideas. It keeps us fresh. Good for you!

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