Black, Blue, and Red

A fortnight into 2019 and I finally created my first illustrations of the new year.  I received my Art Snacks box in the mail which prompted me to create something with the new materials it contained.  The box included a sample of paper (the heaviest I have worked with in quite some time) that had very small dimensions, just a few inches square.  That made embarking on an art project seem more accessible in the time I had available.  This was my first time using Golden fluid acrylics.  I focused on how they worked at different levels of dilution and was pretty impressed with how they worked with a lot of water.  I think I actually managed them better when diluted than I did when using it at its regular opacity.  I rather like that I achieved a watercolour-like effect with this paint and that’s probably how I will use it in future.

Art Snacks - Jan 2019 - 2

I am committed to more dedicated self-care this year and that includes preserving my art time instead of letting it get gobbled up my other things.  Taking two weeks before even drawing a thing isn’t the best start but fingers crossed I can keep to a more regular schedule going forward.

5 thoughts on “Black, Blue, and Red

  1. Good for you for zeroing in on art time. I wish I could do the same. Right now I am in a slump. Even aorder for Valentines hasn’t helped. I could care less. I did do them but can’t claim that they are very good.
    On the other have a very unique and it must be fun coming up with your work. I watched the ‘unboxing’ of the new art Snacks and you did very well with the new products.

    • Thank you. I enjoy the challenge element of trying to come up with something that employs all the new materials. As for time, I find that time and motivation are often interconnected. The longer I go without making art, the easier it is to fall into the pattern of not creating and of not feeling inspired to create. Likewise, sometimes if I have a small gobbet of time, I feel the pressure to make the most of it and can feel deflated if my efforts turn out to be less than anticipated, which then saps my motivation a bit. I think that is one of the reasons why I benefit from regular art time, even if it is only an hour a week or 15 minutes a day.

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