I was off work today while my kids were in school for the morning so, with some bonus free time, I grabbed the opportunity to do some art.  I had not found time to play with the supplies in my November Art Snacks box so I got those and my art journal and set to work.  The Liquitex acrylic gouache I received was in a deep turquoise colour, one of my favourite colours, and I let that inform the subject matter as I thought the colour would suit an illustration of the Statue of Liberty.  I didn’t want to try and draw the actual sculpture, however, so I drew my version of the iconic figure, changing her pose, hair, and face, but leaving enough elements for the subject to be obvious.  I have not used gouache much generally and have never used acrylic gouache so this piece was a big experiment in media for me.  I liked that I could use it thick on the crown but that diluted down it behaved a bit more like watercolour, which is how I used it on the body of the figure.  I even managed to get some watercolour-like pigment blooms going.  Gouache and I never got on well in the past, which is why I have barely used it, but I may have to give it another go.


37 thoughts on “Liberty

    • I had such a hard time with gouache many moons ago that I really would not have tried it again had I not received this product in the subscription box. I am impressed with it. I think it might prove to be a very versatile product.

  1. I especially like the gesture of the torch-holding arm. And as for fast work being better work I find the same thing. If I second guess in my process it always seems to lead to fussiness or ruining what was free and fresh.

  2. Good job on the artwork! And congrats for trying a new media!! I have caught the “gouache bug” – only I prefer the artist’s gouache to the acrylic gouache. The artist’s gouache are more permanent, lightfast and easier to work with I think. They’re more like watercolors or inks.

  3. Very nice work! I love how you let the medium determine your subject matter. I should be getting my first shipment of Sketchbox any day now… a little less nervous about how to use the supplies now. Thank you!

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