I Voted!

I voted early this morning.

I was so excited and enthusiastic.  I literally squealed when I saw my name and signature in the electoral register.  I had had nightmares about my name not being in there because I became a citizen and registered so recently and was all prepared for requesting a provisional ballot.  Turns out the admin for voting runs more smoothly than most American bureaucracies I have had to deal with.

Five years of living in a country while not enfranchised to vote has been stressful.  I am raising my kids here and I pay taxes here and I intend to stay here so I am invested in this country.  Today I was relieved to be able to exercise my right and responsibility as a US citizen.

2018-11-06 08.14.37

24 thoughts on “I Voted!

    • I’ve voted in every single election in which I was eligible to vote except one and that was because I had just given birth 90 miles from home. That’s part of why it was so difficult to not be able to vote here for five years. I feel it’s my duty as well as my right to vote.

  1. Good for you, Laura. Excersize your Right to let Your Voice Be Heard. I did the same thing this morning, but in a pouring rain. The rain does not bother me. There need to be changes in our System!

  2. Congratulations! And thank you for voting!!! I appreciate your efforts and persistence to become a voting citizen!!!! Btw: I voted too. Washington state has vote-by-mail as the standard procedure. I like it a lot!!

      • It amazed me how much vote-by-mail in WA made a difference on amount of voter turn out as compared to Okla (where I used to live) where you had to go to “polling places” in churches. Lots of voter intimidation in Okla. (and many other places in the south) and so turn out to vote is low. I always voted – and often requested an absentee ballot so I could vote without having to enter a church etc. WA uses an “opt out” system i.e you’re automatically registered to vote and will get a ballot in the mail each election cycle – unless you take measures to opt out. In Okla. you had to jump thru hoops in order to register to vote…. and then more hoops in order to cast your ballot. Okla has an “opt in” system (ahem) protected by lions and tigers and a system of bureaucratic papercuts oh my.

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