Utensils Abstract

I used an Art Journal Adventure prompt for this art journal page.  The idea had been to use household objects for mark-making.  I decided, however, to make an abstract piece by drawing around various kitchen utensils, overlapping the silhouettes, and then (very roughly) filling the resulting shapes in with acrylic paint.  It was just the type of quick dose of art I needed on a busy day.  My art table is in the kitchen so I was able to create this page while cooking and cleaning in the same space.  It’s rough and ready but it was a fun stress-buster to just throw some paint around on paper.

38 - Utensils Abstract




17 thoughts on “Utensils Abstract

    • Thanks, Sharon. I like the idea but my execution was sloppy and rough. I might give the page another, neater coat of paint when I have more time. Except I probably won’t because I’ll have moved onto the next thing and left this page far behind.

      • I enjoyed the loose-ness of it. If it had been “too neat” it would have read as merely a “graphic design”. As it is it has more life! Will you do more in this vein? Hope so….

      • I think so. In some ways it feels connected to some of those patchwork landscapes I’ve dabbled in. Maybe that’s my way of handling subjects I’m not inherently drawn to.

      • I thought I saw a connection to your past landscapes. Glad to hear you may do more! Isn’t it fun to dabble in art genres you’re not typically drawn to? My recent still lifes have stretched my own thinking (still life wasn’t a genre I was initially drawn to)… and I’m now thinking about visual stories, my animal characters and handling them differently (somewhat). We’ll see what happens.

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