Rainbow Art Journal – Sunset over the Harbour Village

When it comes to subjects for my art, I am always drawn to faces and figures or monsters or anthropomorphised animals.  What I really don’t tend to touch upon is botanicals, still life, or landscapes.  I decided, therefore, to challenge myself to produce a landscape in the orange section of my Rainbow Art Journal.  Having grown up in Fife, I thought of the orange pantiles that adorn the roofs in villages like Culross – a result of the tiles initially being imported as ballast.  I grew up in the post-war new town of Glenrothes but always enjoyed visiting the fishing villages of the East Neuk so I decided to illustrate a harbour village in my art journal.  There is zero verisimilitude in my illustration and I didn’t use any photo references so my buildings are all a fusion of memory and imagination.  Landscape is definitely not my thing but I really enjoyed creating this page.  I don’t even care that the scale is bonkers, including monstrous seagulls.  Maybe I will force myself to do landscapes more frequently.

23 Sunset over the Harbour Village

23 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Sunset over the Harbour Village

  1. I absolutely love this!!!! Yes, please do more landscapes from your memory/imagination!!! I hear you about preferring faces and animals – that’s me described. Only rarely have I ventured into landscape. Recently I’m trying the still life genre – after having found a way to make it ‘mine’ aka interesting to me. Seems that you’ve found a way to make the landscape genre interesting to yourself! And to very good effect!!! I love the Godzilla Gulls and the “bonkers scale” as you call it!!!!! More ‘bonkers’ and ‘odd scale’ please!!!!

  2. There are places on the internet that make stamps from your designs. Just saying. As to landscape you are missing a whole category of subjects you have a feel for and I know because I see it right here. It’s great.

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