Ladybug Woman

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you will have seen this illustration as my response to this month’s Art Snacks challenge.  I received two red products in the box this month and that immediately inspired me to draw a Ladybug Woman.  I drew it on a sample pack of watercolour paper, also in the box, which means it is in that narrow format that I used recently for my Frankenstein’s Monster.  I am enjoying working in this restrictive space as it really forces me to be creative with my composition.

Ladybug Woman - July 2018

11 thoughts on “Ladybug Woman

  1. I bet the people behind the Art Snacks box would be so chuffed to see how you use your goodies every month! I’ve been loving the pieces you create with whatever’s in the box, and the Ladybug Woman is no exception… Nice one!

    • Thanks! I share my response to the challenge on Instagram so I think they see most of them there. I don’t get around to it every month but I do like the challenge of using limited supplies and experimenting with new things.

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