Rainbow Art Journal – Peaches and Cream

This page is another example of me cannibalising my own work and seeing if I can regurgitate it in a different way or using a different media.  The basis for this page is an ink and watercolour illustration I produced as part of a challenge to produce 100 faces.  I decided to attempt reproducing the face but using mixed media.  The orange background has photographed a little brighter than it actually is.  In reality it is closer to an apricot hue, hence me titling this page “peaches and cream” for the contrast between that orange shade and the white disc that frames the head.  I also kept the skin tones quite pale which means she could be said to have a peaches and cream complexion.

22  Peaches and Cream

19 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Peaches and Cream

    • Thanks, Sharon. I’ve always had an aversion to orange in that it’s just not a colour I naturally reach for. It’s, therefore, quite useful for me to force myself to experiment with it.

      • I do that now and again too – force myself to use I color I don’t like. For me that’s pink. I’ve done a pink pig… boy was that a lot of pink. Lol! And like you said, was a good exercise.

      • Very interesting; pink as a counterpoint to blue. I’ve not tried that combo much. I tend to use orange as a counterpoint for blue. My underused colors are: pink, purple and brown. I’m branching out lately with purples and browns… may have to try a pink and blue combo… hummm.

      • Orange is obviously the more natural choice because it’s the complementary colour but my aversion to it means I opt for a hot pink instead. I especially love hot pink with turquoise. Turquoise is my favourite because it works with everything.

      • Turquoise… hum will have to try that color too! Thanks for the color challenge! I’m currently working with a blue-purple and a grey-blue… will post later today… it’s somewhat of a different color scheme for me. Have you done much with those colors?

      • I have used a few grey-blues, yes, because I like to work with grey. I probably have not worked with blue-purple as much as I ought to have as someone who is drawn to cold colours. I look forward to seeing your work.

  1. Good title! With that title I almost saw her hair as the peach “pit”. Very nice! Good use of contrast too – which can be a challenge when using a limited palette.

  2. This is great, Laura! She actually looks quite like someone I worked with many years ago… And I know you’re not mad on orange, but it gives a lovely summery feel to the piece. Orange and white always makes me think of Super Split ice lollies!

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