Clone Children

This weekend, I grabbed some small parcels of time and used them to create an illustration in my art journal.  I used last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt, which was to use an element and repeat it at least three times, and combined it with a prompt I had missed that involved the number 5.  The idea of repetition made me think of clones and that made me think of the pod people from the movie ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ and then that segued in my brain to thinking of the book ‘The Midwich Cuckoos’ and thus I arrived at a decision to draw five clone children with expressionless faces and soulless eyes.  I did the grey and black inkwork first and had intended to leave the hair white as a nod to the movie adaptation ‘Village of the Damned’ but, on a whim, I decided to add a splash of colour with red ink.  I am undecided as to whether that was a smart move or not and my children – who I use to judge my art work – are split 50/50.  What do you think?

24 & 21 - Clone Children - Art Journal Page


22 thoughts on “Clone Children

  1. I like the hair. The crisp color scheme works and I think the accent was an enhancement of that crispness. But I wonder why clones always are characterized in negative ways. I guess Orphan Black TV show has influenced me otherwise. !!!

    • Thank you, Claudia. I have not seen Orphan Black. It has been recommended to me by several friends but I just don’t watch enough TV to get through all the series that are recommended to me. My guess is that the clone idea implies something artificial and awry but able to assimilate into life in a way that makes them difficult to detect. It’s that fear then of not knowing who or what to trust. I happen to love the fact that armadillo siblings are clones of each other so agree that not all clones are negative.

      • I totally reccommend Orphan Black to you, then, it’s been a favorite – strong women characters (all the clones are played by the same actress who will amaze you) and a twisty storyline. Plus a lot of humor, dark and otherwise. And, I would like to see some armadillo art from you, just saying, I think your way of illustrating would be perfect for them.

      • Thanks. I really should check it out since so many people have said it would appeal to me. One of my kids was obsessed with armadillos a few years ago and I drew lots of them as a result. It has been a while, however, so maybe I should return to the subject.

    • Thank you. That was really why I was worried about when I was going to leave the hair white, that it wasn’t emphasising the faces enough and the uniformity. I am glad you feel the red makes the cloniness clear.

  2. Good color choices! Really points out the eyes by having the black and white patterns with the red hair. The same hair style/color also implies to me a sameness of the thoughts in each character. Good job! You’ve really mastered the creepy-cute look!

  3. I am a bit late in responding, but I have to say that I really like the red hair for your clones. I think it makes them pop in a way that white hair would not have done.

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