Time for Tea

I attended my monthly meet up with some other local art journalers on Sunday which meant I finally got some much-needed art time.  I managed to complete two pages in my art journal.  The first was a simple collage on top of a Neocolor background.  My prompt was borrowed from Art Journal Adventure – the letter T.  T automatically makes me think of tea so the page became a celebration of my love of tea.  I made a template to keep the teacups uniform and then it was just a case of layering them into a stack.  I usually don’t drink this many cups of tea in a day.  My average is probably three cups.  However, there have definitely been times in my life when I have consumed this many cups of tea, possibly more, such as when I was writing my thesis.  Making and drinking tea was a useful distraction.  It’s a simple, easy composition but creating it greased the creative wheels and made me feel I was back in the swing of things again.

14 - Time for Tea - Art Journal Page

15 thoughts on “Time for Tea

    • I have been there, Anabel. I think I had a mental addiction to cups of tea for a long time. I weaned myself so that now I have probably 3 or 4 cups a day on average. Some days I definitely drink more. When we had no heating a couple of years ago, I was probably making a cup of tea as soon as I had finished the last one just to keep myself warm.

  1. Hooray, you got some art time! Grey and yellow is a favourite colour combination of mine, too, and I love all the different patterns on the cups. Plus anything that celebrates tea is good by me! 😀

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