Three Craws Sat Upon A Wa’

This past week was shaping up to be another in which I did absolutely zero art.  I keep waiting for a week where my schedule is more flexible but in vain.  I used to stay up late working on art but I have been too exhausted for that malarkey these past few months.  I need to figure something out.  Solutions on a postcard, please.  Happily, however, on Sunday I met up with some local art friends and had a couple of hours in a coffee shop to work on my art journals.  I had an idea of what I wanted to work on.  However, I left the house in such a whirlwind that I left most of my travel art supplies sitting at home on my art table.  I, therefore, had to come up with an idea of something I could work on with very limited supplies.

Last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was something along the lines of the number 3.  Not too long ago, I had a blog comment exchange with Claudia McGill about the Scottish children’s song “Three Craws Sat Upon A Wa'” and I assume that having that so recently in my brain meant that I came up with the idea of writing out the lyrics of the song and illustrating it with three crows.  Despite being complimented all the time about my handwriting, my typography remains reliably awful.  I decided to write in a childlike print for this page, given it was the lyrics of a childhood song, which should have theoretically made it easier to set out the placement of the words on the page.  Regardless of the theory, in practice my writing went on all over the place with drifting away from the margin and that final word becoming isolated on the bottom line because of my inability to compose the text on the page.  I guess writing in art journals remains a challenge for me.  I am happier with the crow illustrations.  Sure, they look a bit derpy and goofy but I like them.  Having drawn the crows with waterproof micron pens, I used an aquapen brush marker to outline the shapes and then grabbed a water brush to spread the pigment out.  I have seen people obtain beautiful results with water activated brush markers but clearly I am not there yet with my level of experience with them.  I think the scrappy quality works well for depicting scruffy crows, however.  Let’s go with that.

11 - Three Craws Sat Upon a Wa 1

11 - Three Craws Sat Upon a Wa 2

23 thoughts on “Three Craws Sat Upon A Wa’

  1. What a wonderful piece! I can see your style in the crows and the composition of them on the words works so well. The writing is really great, despite your protests. Glad you had a chance to get out and art!

  2. Excellent!– I love everything about it! Tish-tosh!– there, that was me brushing off all your self-deprecating remarks. Printing looks great, concept is top-notch, and the B&W tones suit the piece perfectly. Have I mentioned the composition? That’s the best part. Very creative– love the way the chap on the right is glancing back over his “shoulder.” Love those bug-eyed, rather abashed expressions, too! Great job, Laura, take a bow!! => 🏆

    • Oh my, Mark! That’s an massively complimentary comment and quite the boost to my creative self-esteem. I’m glad you like the big eyed crows. I’m quite pleased with those given my checkered history with drawing birds.

  3. I actually love these crows! They’ve so much character, and when you read the rhyme, they fit with it perfectly! It’s amazing what you can do when you (accidentally) challenge yourself by leaving half your materials at home. 😉 Hope you get a break in the madness soon to enjoy more regular art time!

  4. Wonderful!!! I enjoy those times when I’m caught with limited art supplies. During one of my “caught short” times I learned that a finger dipped in coffee can make a fun pattern on a napkin – which a pen can outline/flesh out. Keep up your good work!

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