Have I mentioned (more than a zillion times?) that I am over Winter and yearning for Spring?  A couple of weeks ago, I saw a rabbit bound across my yard and I thought that was a sure sign.  Turns out that bunny was just a dimwit who needed to stay in his burrow a bit longer.  I also noted that our daffodils were sprouting out of the dirt.  That was another hopeful sign.  Then the shoots got buried under a foot of snow.  Spring has to be soon though.  It has to.

My latest art journal page was, therefore, inspired by thoughts of Spring.  The Art Journal Adventure prompt was S which fitted perfectly with my intention of creating a Spring themed art journal page.  The idea is a personification of Spring waking from a slumber and starting to bloom.  I must confess that this was a far better idea in my head than translated on the page.  I had to work in a whole load of small rations of time which certainly did not help in terms of cohesion and the fact that I rushed through some of the elements is very visible.  I like the idea, however, and might return to it when I have more time to accomplish a better execution.  I will state that my art work is perfectly straight – it is my iphone photography that is squint.

10 - Spring - Art Journal Page


24 thoughts on “Spring

  1. When I saw this, my first thought was that you have actually begun to have spring on the East Coast! Then I realized that the paper says there’s a *third* storm coming. Bleh. But your painting is wonderful and really does evoke spring awakening. I like your use of collage and integrating it so well with the drawn elements. And those colors!!!

    Hang on! The equinox is only a week away and the weather has to follow. Right?

  2. Her hands seem to be summoning all the forces of spring. Our backyard trees are full of green leaves, and I’ve already mowed THREE times this month, as the grass keeps growing. It will be up north where you are soon! At lunch, I was shopping at Kohl’s and bought some spring-theme kitchen hand towels, and the colors are just like your art–lime greens, blues, and pinks! It’s fun to bring spring inside and leave the winter behind. I think you should frame her.

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