Werewolves, Power Cuts, and Feral Children

On Friday, I went to work wearing a raincoat and carrying an umbrella since a rainstorm was forecast for the weekend.  However, while I was at work, snow started to fall.  I left work in a blizzard.  Thankfully my kids were already on an early dismissal (I cannot remember the last time they were in school for an entire five day week) so two were already home and two I picked up on my way home from work.  Just as we walked through the door, hoping to get cosy, looking forward to a steaming cup of tea, the power cut out.  And it stayed out.  From 2pm on Friday until 1am on Sunday, we had no power whatsoever.  No light and no heat is pretty miserable in Winter.  We kept ourselves occupied with board games and reading by candlelight.  However, my 21st Century kids started to miss screens and WiFi after a mere 12 hours and things were rapidly descending into ‘Lord of the Flies’ territory.  Thankfully the power came back on before they started sharpening sticks.

Since I could not do laundry, cook complex meals, or run the vacuum around, I found an unexpected ration of time to spend on art.  Sure, I could have dusted but you know how I like to sacrifice dusting so I can get in some art time.  I decided to work on last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt which was simply the letter W with an additional option to use shiny, shimmery or sparkly media.  Perhaps it was because I had just illustrated a vampire on the previous page of my journal, but I was in a monster mood.  That said, when am I never in a monster mood?  For me, therefore, W was for Werewolf and I set about drawing one in ink as the sun slipped towards the horizon and the house became gloomy in the dwindling light.  It seemed apt for the subject but drawing in the dark is hard on the eyes.  I added the diluted ink and watercolour by candlelight while my fingers shook in the cold.  Amazingly, despite the circumstances, the illustration turned out to be completely acceptable.  I hope, however, to not be doing too much future art in the cold and dark.  I am SO done with Winter!

9 - Werewolf - Art Journal Page

20 thoughts on “Werewolves, Power Cuts, and Feral Children

  1. Fantastic werewolf, all the better for the story of his creation. Dark and cold are not necessarily good adjectives for a weekend!

    • Thanks, Ellie. I appreciated warmth and light anew when the power was restored. I am never bored, even in darkness, and can always find ways to keep busy and entertained but it really was getting uncomfortable.

    • Roll on Spring indeed! Between various plagues and the snow and ice storms, I am so completely done with Winter. I have been hearing all about the awful weather back in Scotland from family and friends. It sounds pretty miserable all around. I am glad you haven’t had to deal with any damage to property. We have been very lucky that way too. We have a pipe that regularly blows its cap when it freezes but it is in the garage so there is no real damage done, just mess and annoyance.

  2. We had no power here on Sat. when it was so windy. Only lost it for about a half hour. That did not create a problem at all. Just a bit of inconvience.

  3. Goodness! What an adventure you had – and what a great drawing despite the circumstances! The times in my life that I’ve made art during outages I’ve thought of all the artists long ago that produced masterpieces by candlelight – it made me appreciate art history in another way.

  4. Oh no! Sounds like the “Beast from the East” showed up at your door after it was done with Ireland! What a pain about your power, but I’m glad it cleared your schedule for some serious art time. The colours of your piece actually capture the chill of winter perfectly as well!

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