Meet Beastie Laura!

I have been following the creative crafting of Helen at CrawCrafts Beasties for a while now.  Helen is incredibly skilful in the way she creates her signature Beasties and their amazing accessories.  I love to see the photographic portraits of her Beasties but I also love to read about her process and inspiration.  The way she captures people’s ideas, personalities, and interests and incorporates them into their knitted and stitched counterparts is most impressive.  Helen is also very clever and witty and is fond of a good pun.

Knowing my fondness for Helen’s Beasties, my husband and kids decided to gift me a Beastie of my very own for Christmas.  As a monster fan and nerd, I had plentiful ideas for what I could commission Helen to create but I decided to be a little bit of an ego-maniac and commission her to make a mini-me.  Helen did a magnificent job of identifying details that spoke to my hobbies, interests, and really capture the essence of me.  You can read all about the creation of my Beastie on the Beastie Blog where you will also see the amazing details of wee monster me and her accessories.  Knowing how talented Helen is, I had high expectations but she far exceeded them.

2018-02-27 13.00.47

2018-02-27 13.02.19

2018-02-27 13.02.45

You can follow Helen’s amazing creativity on her blog and on Instagram.  I guarantee her Beasties will make you smile.

8 thoughts on “Meet Beastie Laura!

  1. Heehee! What a delightful pair you two make! Thanks for the shout-out, Laura… It was a privilege to Beastify you 😀 I’m so happy she’s found favour with the rest of the family, too – here’s wishing you some super monster adventures together! 😀

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